Coming straight out of the minds of two musicians from Reunion Island, My Shared Studio results from a finding that is common to a large majority of artists:
distance between members of a group is a barrier to creativity.

The two friends, curious and driven by a constant need to create, used to play a musical game designed to keep their creativity up that they called “prodgames”. The principle was to create a part of a composition in a given time to then send it to a friend who would add his own touch to it and who would send it in his turn to other friends, a kind of musical exquisite corpse.

Confronted with the problems of heavy files sending and other technical issues that may occur in this type of exercise,Edouard Lauret, developer and above all passionate about music production, decided to create an application allowing people tocompose music in a shared sequencer, online and in real time. Broadcast technician and passionate designer, Baptiste Janvore took charge of the design of the user interface and mapped out the user experience.

By the end of 2017, the very first drafts and lines of code for a shared sequencer were created to become ...My Shared Studio!

Below, the first presentation of the features in development we made on June 3, 2020

In the podcast below (in french), we introduce our solution, who we are, and our vision of collaboration in the area of digital audio with COODIO.

podcast COODIO & My Shared Studio

In this live interview on the show "Start-up COODIO", we introduce the functionalities of our online sequencer in detail.

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